Before I start this review, I must state that before hearing The Tower and The Fool, I was unfamiliar vocalist Alex Correia’s previous group, Therefore I Am, something I am going to change as soon as possible, because if his voice as superb as it is on these two songs, I’m going to be impressed.

Nonetheless The Tower and The Fool is Correia’s post-Therfore I Am band and XIII is the bands first release since their self-titled mini-album of late 2010. 

It’s quite surprising to have two songs to have such a heavy impact. Die Alone was recently featured on Run For Covers' Mixed Signals compilation and was earmarked as distinctive highlight. Correia’s raw, passionate vocals provide a smooth leadership over gorgeous country-esq guitar lines that unbelievably compliment one another. On top of that, Correia’s lyrical narration intriguingly draws you and along with the twanging guitars and laid back tempo, you can’t help but feel you’re listening to something special.

Track number two, NYC, is a delicate folk-y number with Chris Rosenquest taking over on vocals and provides a gruff-yet-relaxed delivery. Lyrically it is a track which poignant and neatly compliments the twinkling and delicate acoustics, that serve as the backdrop to Rosenquest heartfelt words.

While there are only two songs here, the lasting impression is enormous. As song-writers, Correia and Rosenquest are fully capable of drawing the listener with a soft hand and when combined with suitable instrumentation, the band give off a sense of uniqueness and excitement. 

The downfall of this two song release, is that it leaves fans anxious to hear what is next for The Tower and The Fool, but if XIII is anything to go by their potential leads to great expectations.


XIII by The Tower and The Fool is out now on Run For Cover Records.

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Words by Sean Reid (@SeanReid86)

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